The incisions are closed with absorbable cosmetic sutures and covered by a waterproof dressing. The dressing remains intact for 7-10 days and will be removed by Dr Al Muderis during the first post operative review. Take care to keep the wounds dry. Showering is advisable, applying warm water and soap gently to the wound, and then drying very well.

Pain and swelling

The hip and groin area will be painful and each patient will experience different levels of pain, but there should be no severe pain. The patient will be prescribed analgesia and anti-inflammatories on discharge from hospital. It should be taken as prescribed and don’t wait for pain to set in. Due to the traction during surgery there may be some numbness in the groin or thigh, but this should resolve. Ice therapy around the incisions and groin will help (a maximum of 15 minutes per hour) for the first week until the inflammation subsides, then after one week keep the wound warm.


Once you recover from anesthetic you will be mobile and able to bear weight. Crutches may be needed initially for support and safety. Limping is expected for the first few weeks but you will notice a significant improvement in your gait (walking).


You can commence gentle exercise such as walking within a few days of surgery. Hydrotherapy can commence after the wounds have been checked. Non-impact exercises in the gym can commence within 7-10 days. Do strengthening exercises without deep flexion of the hip and use an exercise bike with the seat raised high. Physiotherapy will improve range of motion, proprioception (strength), control and stability of the hip.

Exercise precautions

Avoid deep flexion.
No impact activity such as running for at least six weeks.


Please contact the office if you are worried about your level of pain, have significant bleeding, or have fever or redness around the surgical site.
- Parramatta Office: (02) 9806 3333

If you require assistance after hours, please contact the hospital where the surgery was performed and they will contact Dr Al Muderis on your behalf.
- Norwest Private Hospital: (02) 8882 8882
- Sydney Adventist Hospital: (02) 9487 9111